Since 1979, Motor Medics has been servicing European cars in our Nation's capital. With a focus on customer service and maintaining the best reputation in the city, Motor Medics has loyal clientele dating back to the day they opened shop.

Comprehensive services: Using only advanced testing equipment to diagnose problems, ensuring all repairs are completed properly the first time. Work is always seen through until 100% satisfaction is obtained. Quality parts, oils and lubricants make sure good cars last longer.

Experience: Each certified mechanics has over 25 years of experience. Honesty and a fully certified staff is what sets Motor Medics apart from other automotive repair shops. Quality cars require quality service. Whether you require an oil change or a replacement engine, give us a call. Motor Medics also sells and purchases pre-owned European vehicles.



With all the details about the life of Pierre Elliott Trudeau filling the media, few stories get closer to the boy in the man than his love for his car.

When he fell in love with the sporty 1959 convertible Mercedes 300SL, he didn't let another man touch her without him watching. The man he trusted was Joseph Beric, who owned a shop called Motor Medics Ltd on Bank Street near Alta Vista. He has since sold the business and it is now located on Hunt Club Road, but Mr. Beric still works on cars there.

"Sure I remember," he said yesterday. "I've been thinking a lot about those days.
"When he was coming to my shop I would get a call first, and close the shop. We didn't want a crowd around.

"He would come in with the car, followed by his chauffeur in another car and his bodyguards. The bodyguards would hang around, but Mr. Trudeau would take off his jacket and work with me.

"He knew quite a bit about mechanics and wanted to know more. He understood motors and cars.
"He liked to help."


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